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Teen Blogger Interviews YA Author Mendivel

March 27, 2018


I was deeply moved by the opportunity to take part in an interview with the teen blogger of Tiny Teenage Tales. I work with kiddos and teens as a living, often regarding them as the most special human beings on the planet. It was an honor to be interviewed by a young person with so much talent and insight. You can read more about her significant questions HERE.




1. How did you get the idea of this book?

I work a lot with kids and teens that are having a hard time with life experiences and the feelings that come with it. I used to work at a children's hospital in Chicago, IL where teenagers that were feeling depressed, anxious, or suicidal would come to get help. We would work together to learn about what made them sad, angry, and nervous, then team up to figure out what coping tools they could use to feel more successful in the world. This job was my most favorite job in the entire world because of how much I love teenagers and children. I happen to think you are all very special and it was important to me that you saw just how special you are, too. If you knew how important you were and saw yourself the way I do, you would do incredible things in this life. So, I wrote this book to try and help teens having a hard time to let them know that they can be okay. It's okay to feel lonely or stuck, but there are ways you can get out of those feelings and people that can help with that. This book recognizes that struggle and can hopefully be a friend during it.


2. Is there any personal experience related to the story? (I hope its not too personal)

Yes, I had some personal experiences that I used to write a few parts of the book. Sometimes it can be scary to share secrets or things that we are ashamed of. But if you are brave enough to be the first to speak up about something, then it can make other people brave enough to share their secrets as well. There are lots of different kinds of secrets, but abuse is a really big one. I think if you ask someone to do something for the first time and it makes them nervous (like remembering their bad experience so they can get help), then you should be willing to do it yourself, too. The cool thing about being human is...(read the rest here)

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